Foreign Exchange Market
About us
Official European company
First National Group Corporation is registered in London, to denote the high status of our business..
Simple and convenient service
The platform of our resources is simple and straightforward, Personal account - logical and functional.
Only professional staff
Our experts have successful capital augmentation results with many years of experience
A wide range of opportunities
We will help you to earn capital, to increase funds and to accumulate a fortune
The most effective financial instruments
We use the most profitable tools for capital augmentation, which provide you with maximum profit.
Real potential for the business
A clearly thought-through business plan that gives you the potential to become a co-owner of the largest joint-stock company
Own own cryptocurrency
Our company has developed its own decentralized digital currency, FirstCoin, with which we are building the structure for an independent financial platform
A unique online store
First National Online Store - the world's only service that implements the products of popular brands with discounts up to 30% funded only by the profits received on the platform
About us

First National Group is an international financial corporation, officially registered in London, as demonstrated by complete documentation. The company specialises in investment capital asset management. Today, we use a number of the best high-yield instruments, which provide maximum growth means.

Money management is in the hands only of experienced professionals who have a European education, as well as long-standing experience in the financial industry. Attracting investment will scale up our business as we reach the global objectives of the company - the opening of the largest bookmaker in the territory of Russia and CIS countries. To make the investment process as convenient as possible, First National Group has created its own platform. Its users are already today increasing the financial status of their lives, on the road to becoming in the future fully-fledged shareholders in our major businesses.

First National Group Company has established itself as the most reliable and progressive source of income for private investors. And all because the First National Group is not just a professional financial services company:

First National Group is your own personal income generator!

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Business plan

Renown success of the First National Group was achieved by accurate provision of a balanced business strategy. Best Western analytics worked on its design and the calculations done with clear mathematical algorithm. Bearing in mind the progressive vector of the enterprise development the core steps of a business plan are as follows:

  • First National Group brand advertising.
    Long-term goals of the company envisage the promotion of an international business, brand of which already getting the market announcement. That approach enables the constant raise of clientele engagement well securing the maximum number of the clients in future.
  • Design and provision of in-house FirstCoin cryptocurrency.
    Very specific characteristic of First National Group - design of inner decentralized cash flows. That step enables the acquisition of new scope by our clientele and puts the business to a newly higher level based on inner currency background.
  • Designing First National Betting house.
    Future aim and the end timeframe of the start-up period of brands development is establishing world’s first betting house using Blockchain mechanism. These modes of business in itself have the advanced mode of organization and serious growth potentials but it is purely the First National Group to start moving it up to the latest technologies.
The financial instruments we use
Forex has given millions to the thousands of people across the planet already. Thorough control for assets and professional patience are the qualities that enable us bring you success and wellbeing day after day.
Betting exchange.
Sport bets makes a relatively attractive investment instrument. Because of careful analysis and vision our professionals possess the profitability of that mode may have tens of percents daily.
Cryptocurrency exchange.
Cryptocurrency - another highly attractive trend on the market. Balanced mode of speculative approach on cryptocurrency exchange poses vast potential for financial advantages.
Renown success of the First National Group confirms the correct choice of the investment instruments! Moreover we steadily touch new economical know-hows and market financial inventions. These enable us widen the opportunities and thus better diversify the portfolio for constant increase of your gain by numerous times.
Your opportunities
Provision of capital.
Different vectors of active revenue be easy and accessible for everyone.
Augmentation of capital.
Attractive investments products which give maximum revenue in minimum time spent.
Capitalisation of capital.
The unique scheme of capital preservation that enables the accumulation of a fortune and protects the asset from inflations and other global shakes.
Procuring the demanded goods.
The own on-line store giving you savings up to 30% on most popular goods and names.
Owing part of the business.
Once performing as a clientele of our business you get a chance to become full-time international business stakeholder.
Stability of the future.
A thoroughly clarified business-plan of a structural and monetary development. Your financial stability and clarity in future!

So the First National Group offers you the whole range of financial opportunities that are willing to change your life since then. That is the reason we are chosen by thousands of investors in the whole world. That is why you ought to register yourself now!

FirstCoin cryptocurrency

Successful activities of First National Group enable keeping to progressive path of the business development. It provides for development of own decentralized finances - multifunction FirstCoin cryptocurrency. Establishing own payment unit gives number of advantages to the clientele some of which characterise that invention as purely crucial.

Financial activity benefits.
FirstCoin Cryptocurrency gives the lowering of all existing fee to a maximum extent making them 0,0*%. That decreases clientele expenditure and consequently raises the revenue of you.
Maximum security and confidentiality.
Cryptotechnologies from First National Group make most reliable financial module available and the investor asset can not be third party used. And because of FirstCoin fund transfer the need to present your personal data purely eliminates.
Ways for additional profit.
Besides the stable functioning program by First National Group the clients of FirstCoin cryptocurrency enjoy several additional profit possibilities. These are both the revenue upon the cryptocurrency rate growth and successful speculating work on company inner exchange stocks.

So the thoroughly written business plan of First National Group confirms purely existing fact.
First National Group is not only the leader of investment market but your own exaggerator of profit.

Legal information
First National Group LLC
Legal adress
Address: Brondesbury Park 22,
Willesden district, London, United Kingdom
Registration number OC412738
Authorized capital: 10 000 000.00 EUR
Bank details
Banker: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)
Bank address 82-84 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Bank swift code HSBCHKHHHKH
Bank code 004
Account number 636-618394-711

First National Group provides capital asset management services to multiply your investments.

When we invest your money, you can expect to receive up to +24.2% profit per month, as well having the opportunity to accumulate capital and use profitably of all the services on our platform.
The way to use the First National Group platform is simple and indeed intuitive. We work only with the largest brokers and financial centres around the world. Our investment instruments are thoroughly researched and their effectiveness is proven by years of successful results.

Risk Disclosure Notice: all investment instruments used by any company, including those in Forex trading markets, sports betting, speculation in cryptocurrency and the like, carry an increased level of risk. Clients investing their finances for management by our company must understand and realize this fact, and to use all opportunities to diversify possible risk.

Despite this, First National Group guarantees the security of our clients’ funds and will protect them from risks not connected with trading. This security policy also applies to the personal data of customers - the company will never release any information to third parties and they will be used solely for the financial benefit of our clients.